Year: 2010-2011
The inspiration for the creation of the project was a graphical representation of the message from Arecibo. This is the message encoded using binary system, designed by the Director of the Observatory in Arecibo, Puerto Rico and a team of people working there. Then the message was issued in Cosmos 16 November 1974 in the direction of clusters spherical M13 in Hercules. The purpose of this type the first action was to establish contact with foreign intelligent though by using the radio signal.

Attractive appearance of the message and objective: transfer news intelligence-intelligence, author-recipient brought me an association with the characteristics of an object of art. The need for dialogue and sharing information.
In my project just by using the international coding case binary 8 selected objects of the solar system, in which the surfaces to 2011 was found or they hypotheses about the presence of water in liquid or solid.

(Discovery of H2O on subsequent objects are received enthusiastic, due to the undisputed role it has in creating and maintaining life. The widespread use of water in our system as well as in the case of hypotheses about discovered extrasolar systems.)
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