First Light
Year: 2013
Looking at the night sky, we look far into the past. The light from stars often travels many thousands of years before it has a chance to reach our eyes. Whenever we look up – into the distant past – we can realize that we are the product of the view that is spread out before our eyes. Our bodies and minds are the product of the forces generated in distant times. We almost live like a single organism that is invisible in the vastness of space. Fascinations and desires pass away in the blink of an eye, bringing with them new life and new death. All this is worth the lives of billions of stars that lived to give us the opportunity to feel and want to understand.

Our bodies are made of clouds of particles that produce thought. The sum of them is terrified by its own existence. This sum of particles (Man) describes the abstraction of the infinite future. Finding the beginning of everything (the Big Bang) and situating it in time, we provide infinity in both future existence and future non-existence. At one point, the infinity of time was unknown and invisible to us, and in a moment it was discovered and real. Just as the first brightness that was found in the beginning of existence, just as the first flashes and electrical discharges recorded by our developing brains in the mother's womb, and as the first
light falling on the lens of the first constructed telescopes.

Solo exhibition at the National Stadium in Warsaw. Master's degree diploma for the Academy of Fine Art in Warsaw.

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control II: unrecognised relay beginning and the end
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9 intuition control II: unrecognised (closeup)